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The Time Traxx double album is comprised of tunes some of which were previously written and updated for this album, and others created in more recent times.  This compilation of timeless songs was inspired by personal events, feelings of love and relationships, and unique perspectives of the world, the universe and . . . time.  Indeed, Time Traxx is a brilliant collection of enduring pop/rock tunes exclusively produced to express these happenings and memorable associations in the form of music and words.  The album is simplistic yet rich in versatility and fidelity with something to offer just about everyone. 

Each track provides a special kind of dance synergy with an enjoyable array of vocal harmonies, chord changes, driving bass lines and a classy touch of nostalgia throughout.

LeeMaxx is a natural born musician with roots in north central Texas who started creating original material in his early teens on his very first guitar.  Musical talents have always run throughout the family genealogy.  As an accomplished singer-songwriter, LeeMaxx has developed some amazing skills for song creation and music production in the styles of pop, rock and acoustic guitar.  Time Traxx is a culmination of that work.

Words, music, instruments and voices by LeeMaxx.  Published and produced by LeeMaxx and LeeMaxx Music LLC © ℗ 2023. . .

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